The beginnings of FMovies

FMovies started pretty much just like any other streaming site from that time. A team of former visitors and movie enthusiasts also passionate of web development decided to work together in order to create the best place for watching movies and series online free. Tired of all the crappy sites, we wanted to create something better so people like us would have free access to the best source of online entertainment. After all the hard work we've put in this site, there is no surprise that we have millions of fans worldwide who are visiting FMovies every week.

How to watch

Currently, FMovies is using the most intuitive design theme so it's very easy for everyone to figure it out how to watch movies and series on this website. However, there are still many people in the comments section who are asking us to create a how to watch tutorial so they can understand how it works. We've written the steps below.

  • Search for something good to watch. Our collection of movies and series if very well organized with many filters, categories and tags. There are two separate release years list, one for movies and one for tv shows so you won't mix them. The genres list is the same for both types of content. The database is also sorted on pages like Most Popular, Most Rated, Top IMDb, TV Mini-Series and more. If all these are not enough, you can use one of our search forms to type exactly the name of the movie or serie you would like to watch.
  • Press the big play button. After following the first step when you've found something good to watch, now you should be on that specific page and all you have to do is to click the big play button from the middle of the screen. It looks like just any other video player that you find on Youtube or other sites so you can't miss it.
  • If there are any ads, just skip them. The video players from FMovies are provided by a non-affiliate third party and as we don't have any control over them, sometimes you might encounter one little pop or ad while trying to watch a movie. If any ads appear after you press play the first time, just close the ads as fast as possible and continue to watch your film.
FMovies is the best streaming site

Many years have passed since the FMovies site has been created and there are already millions of fans around the world who keep visiting our site frequently in order to get free access to their favorite movies and series available in HD quality without registration. We think it is understandable why we are so proud of this website and we've written below the advantages of using FMovies.
  • Biggest database of movies and series. After a few years of work, we've managed to gather under the same roof more than 10.000 movies, 60.000 episodes and 2000 tv shows, being probably the biggest collection you've ever seen on a free streaming site. Also, all the content benefits of English subtitles after our most recent update. It wasn't easy but it was worth it because everyone can find their favorite productions on FMovies.
  • HD quality films. Technology has enormously advanced in the last years and now you can't offer low quality content because it is disrespectful. We have all the necessary tools to offer our visitors only HD quality movies and series so you can have the best viewing experience.
  • Instant loading players. We are living in the fastest era and we want everything to move and load instantly. The technology we are using is allowing us to have video players that are loading within seconds so you can play your favorite movie and watch it without interruptions or buffering and without being necessary to wait at all.
  • No ads, no registration. When you just want to watch a movie or an episode for an hour, you don't want to lose any more time to create an account. We know that very well and that's why all our content is available without registration. Also, we've removed all the advertising from FMovies so you won't be bothered by any pops and ads while watching a movie.
  • Updates everyday. Tens of thousands of people are coming on FMovies daily just to watch the latest movies and episodes. We are permanently working to publish on this site the newest releases of movies and shows within a few minutes after the tv broadcast so you can be the first one of your friends who get access to the latest productions if you stay tuned to FMovies.