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FMovies is the place where you can watch movies and TV shows for free without any interruptions. Unlike other sites, you don't need to sign up, and there are no annoying ads interrupting your enjoyment. It has a big collection of different types of movies and shows, so there's something for everyone. You can even choose the quality of the video and use subtitles if you want. FMovies is easy to use, and you can watch on your computer, phone, or TV. It's a simple way to have fun with your favorite movies and shows.

Top Features of Fmovies New Website

Why should you consider choosing FMovies for your movie and TV show streaming needs? Let's break it down in simple terms:

  1. No Sign-Up Needed: FMovies lets you start watching without creating an account. No need to remember usernames or passwords – just dive into the entertainment.
  2. Free Streaming: You can enjoy movies and TV shows on FMovies without any cost. It's like having a cinema at home, but without the tickets.
  3. Loads of Choices: FMovies has a big collection of movies and TV shows that you can watch.
  4. Pick Your Quality: You get to choose how you want to watch. Want the best quality? Go for 4K. On a slower connection? Stick with 1080p or lower.
  5. Subtitles for All: FMovies offers subtitles for many languages. So, if the characters are speaking a language you don't understand, you can still follow the story.
  6. Watch Anywhere: Whether you're on a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or even a smart TV, FMovies works on different devices. Entertainment is at your fingertips.
  7. No Ads to Annoy You: Unlike some sites that bombard you with ads, FMovies gives you an ad-free experience. No interruptions while you're enjoying the show.
  8. Easy to Use: FMovies is designed to be simple. Just search for what you want, click, and start watching. No complicated steps.
  9. No Commitment: You don't have to commit to a subscription or long-term plan. It's a casual way to watch what you like when you like.
  10. Share the Fun: Since FMovies is free and easy, you can share it with friends and family. Everyone can have a good time together.

What Happend to used to be a place where people could watch lots of movies and TV shows online. But now, when people go to, it's not there anymore. Maybe the website changed its address or something went wrong with it but the main reason is they changed domain name extension.. now you can watch movies and shows on It's like the website disappeared. People who liked using might feel surprised and might need to find another website to watch movies and shows.

How To Use Fmovies

Please follow these simple steps to use Fmovies for watching movies and your fav shows of your choice :

Accessing FMovies: Simply open your preferred web browser and search for "". Click on the link to access the website.

Browsing the Library: Once on the homepage, you'll see a menu or search bar. Use these tools to explore the diverse collection and find the movie or TV show you're interested in.

Selecting Content: Click on the title of your choice. You'll be directed to a page with information about the movie or TV show, including a brief synopsis, cast, and more.

Choosing Resolution and Subtitles: Before hitting play, you can select your preferred video resolution and language for subtitles.

Enjoying Ad-Free Streaming: With FMovies' ad-free streaming, you can fully immerse yourself in your chosen content without any interruptions.

Playback and Control: Click the play button to start watching. You can also pause, rewind, fast-forward, and adjust the volume as needed.

Tips for Watching Movies Online

Please take a look at following tips before watching movies on fmovies or 123movies

Legal Considerations: While FMovies offers a vast selection of content, it's important to note that copyright laws may vary by region.

Use a VPN for Privacy: If you're concerned about privacy or facing geographical restrictions, consider using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access FMovies securely.

Keep Your System Updated: Ensure that your browser and antivirus software are up to date to prevent potential security risks.

Fmovies Blocked? How To Unblock?

If FMovies is blocked in your region, you might be wondering how to access it and continue enjoying its content. Here are some methods you can consider:

1. Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network):

A VPN is a powerful tool that can help you bypass geographical restrictions by routing your internet connection through servers in different locations. Here's how to use a VPN to access FMovies:

  • Choose a reputable VPN service and install their software or app on your device.
  • Connect to a server located in a region where FMovies is not blocked.
  • Once connected, your IP address will be masked, and you should be able to access FMovies as if you were in the chosen location.

2. Use Proxy Servers:

Proxy servers is kind of a firewall between user and server which bypasses traffic through it. They can help you access blocked content by routing your traffic through a different server. However, keep in mind that not all proxy servers are secure and reliable.

3. Try Mirror Sites:

Mirror sites are replicas of the original website hosted on different domains, try changing the domain extentions like .to .sx .me .com .in .net etc. They can be useful when the main FMovies domain is blocked. Just be cautious and make sure you're accessing legitimate mirror sites to avoid potential security risks.

4. Use Browser Extensions:

Some browser extensions, such as "Hola" or "Browsec", provide proxy services that can help you access blocked websites. However, exercise caution when using browser extensions, as some may compromise your privacy or security.

5. Change DNS Settings:

Changing your DNS (Domain Name System) settings can sometimes help you bypass website blocks. You can switch to public DNS servers like Google DNS or Cloudflare DNS.Just know that DNS settings can vary based on your OS, Device etc.

6. Tor Browser:

The Tor Browser allows you to access websites anonymously by routing web traffic through a vast network of volunteer-run tor servers. However, note that Tor might result in slower browsing speeds.

7. Mobile Apps:

There are mobile apps available that can help you access blocked websites using VPN technology. Just like with VPNs for desktop, make sure to choose a reputable app from a trusted source.

8. Check for New Domains:

Websites like FMovies may occasionally change their domain names to evade blocks. Stay informed about potential new domains through online forums or official social media accounts or just a google search.

Note: While using these methods can help you access blocked websites, always prioritize your online security and privacy. Use reputable VPNs and proxy servers to avoid potential risks. Also, before using any of these methods, make sure to research and choose a secure and trusted option that suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Watching Movies & Series Online

1. What is FMovies?

FMovies is an online platform where you can watch movies and TV shows for free. It offers a wide range of content spanning various genres, making it a popular choice for entertainment enthusiasts.

2. In Which Countries is FMovies Available?

FMovies can be accessed from many countries around the world. However, its availability might vary due to regional restrictions or legal considerations. It's a good idea to check if FMovies is accessible in your country.

3. Do I Need to Sign Up to Use FMovies?

No, one of the great things about FMovies is that you can start watching without needing to create an account. You can dive straight into the content without any sign-up hassle.

4. Can I Watch FMovies on My Laptop or Smartphone?

Absolutely! FMovies is designed to be accessible on various devices, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even smart TVs. As long as you have an internet connection and a compatible device, you're good to go.

5. Is FMovies Ad-Free?

Yes, FMovies offers ad-free streaming, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted viewing experience. This sets it apart from many other online platforms that might interrupt your enjoyment with ads.

6. Can I Choose Different Video Qualities?

Certainly! FMovies allows you to select different video qualities based on your preferences and available internet speed. You can opt for higher resolutions like 4K or choose standard resolutions like 1080p.

7. Are Subtitles Available on FMovies?

Yes, FMovies provides subtitles for a variety of movies and TV shows. This feature is particularly helpful for non-native speakers or those who prefer to watch content in different languages.

8. Is FMovies Legal and Safe to Use?

FMovies hosts a collection of movies and TV shows, some of which might be copyrighted. While FMovies itself might not be legal in some regions due to copyright concerns, using it usually doesn't lead to legal consequences for viewers. However, it's important to access content legally and responsibly.

9. How Can I Access FMovies if It's Blocked in My Region?

If FMovies is blocked in your region, you can consider using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to bypass geographical restrictions. A VPN can route your connection through servers in different locations, allowing you to access FMovies as if you were in a different country.

10. Can I Request Specific Movies or TV Shows to Be Added?

While FMovies doesn't guarantee adding specific content, user suggestions are valuable. If you'd like to see certain movies or TV shows on the platform, you can share your requests. Just remember that availability depends on licensing agreements and other factors.

Fmovies Not Working? Try Alternatives

Sometimes if Fmovies doesn't work and you're looking for similar options to FMovies for watching movies and TV shows online, here are a few alternatives:

  • 123Movies: This website offers a wide range of movies and TV shows across different genres, with a user-friendly interface. It's popular for its extensive collection.
  • Putlocker: Putlocker is also used for streaming movies and TV shows and some original content too. It provides a variety of content and user-friendly navigation.
  • SolarMovie: SolarMovie offers a broad selection of movies and TV shows, often with multiple streaming options for each title. It's known for its simple layout and easy search function.
  • YesMovies: YesMovies provides a diverse library of movies and TV shows, allowing users to stream content without requiring an account.
  • Popcorn Time: Popcorn Time is a BitTorrent-based streaming service that offers a variety of movies and TV shows. It has a user-friendly interface and allows you to watch content while it's downloading.
  • Vumoo: Vumoo provides a selection of movies and TV shows, organized by genres. It's easy to use and doesn't require registration.
  • GoMovies: GoMovies is a platform that offers a wide range of movies and TV shows, with options to select different video qualities.
  • Cmovies: Cmovies is known for its collection of movies and TV shows from various countries and genres. It offers an organized layout for easy browsing.
  • Rainierland: Rainierland offers a variety of movies and TV shows for streaming, with a simple interface that lets you explore content based on popularity, genre, and more.
  • WatchSeriesHD: This platform focuses on TV shows and provides a vast collection of episodes from different series. It's organized by seasons and episodes for easy navigation.

Tips to Avoid Ads on Fmovies, 123 movies

Avoiding pop-ups or ads while using FMovies, 123movies or similar streaming websites is essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable viewing experience. Here are some tips to help you steer clear of unwanted pop-ups and ads:

1. Use Ad Blockers: Install a reputable ad blocker extension for your web browser. Ad blockers can effectively prevent most pop-ups and intrusive ads from appearing while you're browsing FMovies.

2. Choose Reliable Sources: Stick to official FMovies websites or well-known mirror sites. Avoid clicking on random links that claim to lead to FMovies, as these could potentially redirect you to ad-heavy or malicious websites.

3. Close Pop-Ups Safely: If you encounter a pop-up, avoid clicking on any content within it. Instead, close the pop-up by clicking the "X" button in the corner or using your browser's built-in pop-up blocker.

4. Disable JavaScript: Some pop-ups and ads are triggered by JavaScript. Consider disabling JavaScript for the FMovies website or using browser extensions that allow you to enable JavaScript selectively.

5. Check User Reviews or Forums: Before using a specific mirror site or link, check online user reviews or forums for feedback from other users. They might share information about pop-up issues or provide recommendations for safer alternatives.

6. Use a VPN: A Virtual Private Network (VPN) not only helps you access blocked content but can also block certain ads and trackers. Choose a reputable VPN with built-in ad-blocking features for enhanced protection.

7. Keep Your Browser Updated: Updated browsers often have improved security features, including better pop-up blocking capabilities. Make sure your browser is up to date to benefit from these enhancements.

8. Use Incognito/Private Browsing: When visiting FMovies, use your browser's incognito or private browsing mode. This can help prevent some pop-ups from appearing since these modes often disable certain tracking mechanisms.

9. Be Cautious with Clicks: Be mindful of where you click. Sometimes, even legitimate websites might have tricky ad placements that lead to pop-ups. Double-check before clicking.

FMovies, 123 movies Paid Alternatives

If you're looking for paid alternatives to FMovies that offer premium and legal streaming experiences, here are a few options:


Netflix is the most popular subscription based streaming platform for paid content. It's available on various devices and offers different subscription plans.

Amazon Prime Video:

Amazon Prime Video is part of Amazon Prime membership and provides access to a wide range of movies, TV shows, and Amazon Originals. It also offers the option to rent or buy movies not included in the subscription.


Hulu is another paid-per-month vod service available online. It's particularly known for streaming episodes of TV shows shortly after they air.


Disney+Hotstar is a paid vod service that shows movies and shows from Disney, Bollywood, Hollywood, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. It's a great option for fans of these franchises.

Apple TV+:

Apple TV+ offers original movies, TV shows, and documentaries produced by Apple. It's available on various Apple devices and offers exclusive content.

HBO Max:

HBO Max provides access to HBO's extensive library of TV shows and movies, as well as additional content from WarnerMedia. It's known for its premium content and original series.


Peacock offers a mix of movies, TV shows, and original programming from NBCUniversal. It does have a free limited version too.


Crave is a streaming service in Canada that offers a variety of content, including movies, TV shows, and exclusive HBO programming.

YouTube Premium:

YouTube Premium offers ad-free access to YouTube videos, along with original content and the ability to download videos for offline viewing.


Vudu is a digital rental and purchase platform that allows you to rent or buy movies and TV shows. It's a pay-as-you-go option for accessing specific titles.

Remember that while these options require a subscription or rental/purchase fees, they provide a legal and high-quality streaming experience. They often offer features like offline viewing, multiple device compatibility, and exclusive content.

Fmovies vs Paid Movie/Serie Websites


Paid streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ offer a legal streaming library of movies, TV shows, and originals while Fmovies may have limited movies and series and also doesn't have original content.


A significant advantage of paid services is the absence of disruptive ads. You can enjoy uninterrupted viewing without pop-ups while Fmovies, 123movies, and other free streaming sites might have 1 or 2 popups to support their hosting fees and all.

Content Quality:

Paid services often provide content in various resolutions, including 4K while fmovies or other streaming sites might have content only up to 1080p and only some selected movies in 4K.


You can access these services on multiple devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs while Fmovies doesn't have any official native Android or iOS application.

Subscription Models:

Paid services operate on subscription models where you pay monthly but Fmovies, 123movies is 100% free and doesn't cost any money.

Advantages of FMovies, 123movies, and Similar Websites

Free and Immediate:

Websites like FMovies offer a free and immediate way to watch movies and TV shows without the need for a subscription. It's like having a digital movie library at your fingertips.

No Sign-Up:

You don't need to create an account to use FMovies. This means you can start watching right away without sharing personal information.

Ad-Free Streaming on FMovies:

FMovies offers ad-free streaming, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable viewing experience compared to some free sites that bombard you with ads.

Choice and Convenience:

FMovies provides a vast collection of content, giving you the freedom to explore different genres and eras of movies and TV shows.

Caution Required:

While FMovies offers free content, it might not always have the latest releases or high-quality options. Additionally, some content might not be legally available.

Note: At the end, the choice between paid streaming services and websites like FMovies depends on your preferences and priorities. If you value legal access to premium content, high-quality streaming, and offline viewing, a paid service might be your best bet. On the other hand, if immediate and free access to a variety of content is what you're after, FMovies could be a suitable option.

How to Watch Fmovies (Movies & Series) On SmartTV?

Screen Mirroring:

Most smart TVs have a screen mirroring feature. If your smartphone or tablet supports screen mirroring, you can mirror your device's screen to your TV. This way, whatever you're watching on your device will be displayed on your TV screen. Just open FMovies on your device, start playing the content, and use the screen mirroring option to see it on your smart TV.

Streaming Devices:

Consider using streaming devices like Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, or Roku. These gadgets plug into your TV's HDMI port and let you cast content from your smartphone or tablet directly to your TV. Download the FMovies app on your device, start playing the content, and use the casting feature to watch it on your big screen.

Smart TV Browser:

Many smart TVs come with built-in web browsers. Open the browser on your TV, navigate to the FMovies website, and start watching. Just keep in mind that using a remote control to navigate a website might not be as smooth as using a computer or smartphone.

Third-Party Apps:

Some smart TVs allow you to install third-party apps. Check if there's an app store on your TV and see if there's a trusted FMovies app available for download. This can provide a more direct and user-friendly way to access FMovies content.

HDMI Cable Connection:

If you're comfortable with a wired connection, you can use an HDMI cable to connect your laptop or computer to your smart TV. Simply visit the FMovies website on your laptop, start playing the content, and enjoy it on your TV screen through the HDMI connection.

Third-party Android Apps Similar to Fmovies, 123Movies For Streaming

Here's a list of third-party streaming apps that are very similar to streaming website fmovies that you can consider using to watch movies, TV shows, and more on your Android smartphone, tablet or laptop:

  • Showbox: Offers a wide range of movies and TV shows for streaming, along with the option to download content for offline viewing.
  • Popcorn Time: Utilizes torrent technology to stream movies and TV shows in a user-friendly interface.
  • TeaTV: Provides a collection of movies and TV shows, along with options to filter content by genre and year.
  • Cinema HD: Offers a diverse selection of movies and TV shows, with the ability to stream in various qualities.
  • Kodi: A versatile media center app that supports streaming content through various add-ons and plugins.
  • Mobdro: Focuses on live TV channels, providing access to a variety of broadcasts from around the world.
  • Terrarium TV: Although no longer actively maintained, it still offers a library of movies and TV shows for streaming.
  • Stremio: Aggregates content from various sources, making it easy to discover and watch movies and TV shows.
  • BeeTV: Offers a wide range of movies and TV shows, with options to sort and search for content.
  • Morph TV: Similar to Terrarium TV, it provides access to movies and TV shows for streaming.

Fmovies Not Working? [Solutions]

If you've found that Fmovies is not working as expected, don't worry – there are a few steps you can take to try and resolve the issue. Here's a simplified guide to help you troubleshoot:

  1. Check Your Internet Connection: Sometimes, a slow or unstable internet connection can lead to buffering or loading issues. You'll have to check your routers or try opening other site such as!
  2. Refresh the Page: Sometimes, a simple refresh can do wonders. Hit the refresh button on your browser and see if that resolves the problem.
  3. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies: Over time, cached data and cookies can cause conflicts with websites. Clear your browser's cache and cookies, and then try accessing Fmovies again.
  4. Try a Different Browser: Sometimes, browser compatibility issues can arise. Try chaning your web browser and open and see if its working.
  5. Disable Browser Extensions: Certain browser extensions or plugins might interfere with the functionality of websites. Temporarily disable extensions and see if that makes a difference.
  6. Use a VPN: Depending on your location, Fmovies might be blocked or inaccessible due to regional restrictions. Using a VPN can help you access the site from a different location.
  7. Check for Updates: Ensure that your browser and any media player you're using are up to date.
  8. Try Different Devices: If you're experiencing issues on one device, try accessing Fmovies on a different device. In this way you can understand if the problem is with the device rather than the website.
  9. Check for Server Issues: Websites can experience downtime due to server issues. Check social media or online forums to see if other users are also reporting problems with Fmovies.
  10. Use Alternative Links: Fmovies might have multiple mirror links. If one link isn't working, try clicking on a different one.

Are Official Apps Available for Fmovies or 123movies on Android or iOS?

Fmovies, a popular online streaming platform, didn't have an official app on the Android or iOS app stores. Instead, users accessed Fmovies through their web browsers on mobile devices to stream movies and series. apps with names similar to Fmovies or 123movies on app stores, they might not be official and could potentially be risky to use. Official websites are often the safest way to access content, and it's recommended to avoid unofficial or third-party apps that could pose security or legal risks.

Is Fmovies Still Working in 2023?

Yes, indeed! Fmovies is still operational and working, and you can access it through its website, which is now known as This means you can continue enjoying a collection of movies and TV shows online through fmovies new website i.e

Update: 19/08/2023

Now Multiple servers are available to stream movies and tvseries, also you can use your own subtitles (if you have downloaded it from anywhere else) within the player.